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Auto Repairs

Las Vegas engine rebuild shop, engine rebuild Las Vegas, Las Vegas Engine Rebuilt, Engine Rebuilt Las Vegas, Remanufactured Engine Las Vegas. Engine Main bearings and Engine connecting rod bearings replaced and checked for proper engine clearances. A standard engine repair of the engine crankshaft with appropriate engine main bearings and engine connecting rod bearings is acceptable in a Las Vegas engine rebuild shop. Las Vegas engine block Cylinder bores bored and honed to assure they are within factory specifications, or a standard engine overbore. Replacement of all engine piston rings is needed in a Las Vegas engine rebuild. Grinding of the engine cylinder head valves and seats to factory engine specifications or a factory approved rebuilt engine specifications. Cleaning of all engine parts and replacement of all engine gaskets, including the engine head gasket with any necessary grinding/milling of the engine cylinder head and engine block to assure proper sealing is needed in a rebuilt engine in Las Vegas. Other engine rebuild components, such as the engine oil pump, engine water pump, engine block rebuilt, etc. may also be replaced or rebuilt to consider the engine a total rebuilt engine. A top end engine rebuild only includes grinding of the engine valves and engine seats and replacement of the engine head gasket. May not be a wise decision, because if the engine piston rings and engine connecting rod bearings or engine main bearings are bad it will not help and an engine rebuild will need to be performed by a Las Vegas engine rebuild shop. A bottom end engine rebuild is only replacement of the engine main and engine rod bearings. This is less damaging, because it produces a stronger engine that is not offset by increases in compression due to engine ring or engine bore wear or engine valve problems. This, however, typically will not restore full engine power. I would not assume that an engine rebuild includes any engine performance modifications unless expressly indicated by Las Vegas engine rebuild shop. Rebuilt engines, frequently called overhauled engines, have been dismantled, inspected, cleaned, and their parts are replaced or repaired to update them to current engine remanufacturing specifications. Rebuilding an engine, while engine rebuild labor is intensive, costs less than replacing your entire vehicle or engine. Due to the unique process, some engine parts of rebuilt engines might be as old as the original, slightly used, or brand new, but many engine remanufacturers will offer an engine warranty anyway. Choosing a rebuilt engine can extend the life of your car and might be a cost-effective option if you know you have serious engine trouble. Technically, rebuilt engines are different from overhauled engines. With a rebuilt engine, or remanufactured engines, a mechanic will either save or fix parts based on the amount of engine wear or engine damage. The original engine remanufacturer of your engine, whether from an automobile engine or boat engine, is the only one authorized to remanufacture the engine. Much specialized engine repairs are done to ensure that every engine part works well. However, overhauled engines contain only a few replaced engine parts, at full engine cost, and rarely involve machining old engine parts. This can be less effective in extending the life of a Las Vegas engine rebuild. Las Vegas Engine rebuilders are a company that rebuilds automobile engines to either return them to near new car condition or upgrade them. Engine rebuilders fulfill an important role in the automobile engine repair marketplace. When an automobile suffers from a catastrophic engine failure, a replacement engine is often purchased from an engine rebuilder's company to replace the damaged engine. This is often a financially wise option, with the rebuilt engine often being more cost effective than repairing the damaged engine. Many engine rebuilders offer engines in varying levels of engine assembly. The engine can be purchased as a complete engine unit ready to install or as a short block engine consisting of only the engine block and rotating engine assembly. If the customer needs a more complete engine assembly, the engine rebuilders can complete a long block engine unit by adding engine cylinder heads to the engine assembly. In many cases, engine rebuilders also offer engines in varying degrees of engine performance levels. A customer can purchase an engine to be used in the family sedan or in a high-performance race car. With a high-performance engine, the engine rebuilders will often use the best parts to increase the engine horsepower as well as the reliability of the engine. Many engine rebuilders advertise and buy performance engine components from the general public to use as cores for a performance line of engine products. In the case of the average rebuilt engine, the rebuilt engine price includes the customer's broken engine in trade. This broken engine then becomes a core to be rebuilt for another customer. The engine is stripped of its useful parts and the cleaning and engine rebuilding process begins. In some cases, the rebuilt engines are mechanically superior to the factory original engines. Most engine rebuilding companies employ several engine machine shop engine specialists to complete the highly sensitive engine machining procedures. Jobs such as boring a engine cylinder block and grinding of the engine crank shaft require highly trained engine machinists to ensure a proper fit when finished with the engine. Rebuilding the engine cylinder heads and grinding valves are just two more of the engine specialized jobs that require engine experts to complete the engine. While the vast majority of engine assembly work is completed by many engine experts on an engine assembly line, the task of rebuilding a high-performance engine is usually given to one engine rebuild employee. The engine rebuilders typically employ a few people who specialize in high-performance engine building. These individuals are tasked with building the engine from start to finish. This ensures a uniform engine build without the chance of oversight in the assembly process of the engine. Many engine rebuilders warranty their engine products with policies equal to or greater than those of the original engine remanufacturer. Quality engine parts at reduced prices while maintaining durability is the key for a successful engine rebuilder. The engine rebuilder offers a needed service in the automobile industry.

Las Vegas engine head gasket repair shop, head gasket replacement shop Las Vegas, Las Vegas Engine head gasket shop, Engine cylinder head gasket repair shop Las Vegas, Remanufactured cylinder head Las Vegas. Head gaskets are an important part of your engine. Head gaskets and cylinder heads cause engines to overheat on a regular basis. It is important to perform complete valve jobs and replace cylinder heads because it can cause major damage to the bottom end of your engine. Head gaskets need to be replaced to avoid complete engine malfunction. When your car or truck overheats, especially in Las Vegas Summer, the first thing to break is the cylinder head gaskets. Cylinder heads consist of the cylinder head, intake valves and exhaust valves. Complete valve jobs are usually performed when changing cylinder head gaskets. Head gaskets should only be repaired by the experts at Las Vegas Carburetors and More. We are the premier shop in Las Vegas to repair your cylinder head gaskets. If you allow your blown head gasket to cause further damage, you will spend a lot more money on a complete engine. Las Vegas Carburetors and More is the place to take your car or truck for all of your engine repair needs. Weather it is for a short block engine repair or a long block engine repair, Las Vegas Carburetors and More can help. We are the leading engine repair shop in Las Vegas. We can service any vehicle from Toyota, Honda, Acura, Lexus, Nissan, Oldsmobile, Ford, Chevrolet, GM, Pontiac, Cadillac, Audi, Volkswagen, Hummer, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Lincoln, Buick, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and all foreign and domestic car or truck. Remember, Las Vegas Carburetors and More is the place to go for any engine repair, engine rebuild, or general engine service.

Las Vegas engine rebuild shop, engine rebuild Las Vegas, Las Vegas Engine Rebuilt, Engine Rebuilt Las Vegas, Remanufactured Engine Las Vegas. Engine Main bearings and Engine connecting rod bearings are replaced and checked for proper engine remanufacturing. A standard engine remanufacture consist of the engine crankshaft, engine camshaft, engine bearings, engine gaskets, engine oil pump, engine timing set, engine lifters, engine push rods, engine pistons, engine piston rings, engine cylinder heads, engine block, engine water pump. All of listed parts are needed to properly remanufacture your car or truck engine in Las Vegas. Las Vegas Carburetors and More is here to answer any of your engine remanufacturing needs. We can reman any engine foreign or domestic. No engine to big or to small for Las Vegas engine shop to handle. We are here to help you reman your engine and install it on your car or truck. Remember we are the number one engine remanufacturer shop in Las Vegas.




WE ARE THE engine rebuild and engine repair EXPERTS of las vegas!


Carburetors and More is your one stop auto shop for engine rebuild, engine repairs, and engine services.  With our in house engine assembly and engine installation, all of your auto and truck engine rebuild needs are met right here.  Our staff has over 15 years experience in the engine rebuild and engine repair field.  We offer some of the lowest prices and longest warranties for engines in Las Vegas.

Ensuring your engine is up to par is an important component of a well-maintained vehicle. But you shouldn't trust your engine rebuilds or engine repair needs to just any engine shop! Carburetors and More – Engine Shop offers expert engine repair services that are hassle-free and reliable every time. Our Technicians do engine repair and engine diagnostics
each day on both foreign and domestic cars and trucks. 

We have the people and the equipment to rebuild or repair your engine. Often when we perform an engine rebuild or engine repair we find the repair tends to be related to seal or gasket failure. Engine Repairs such as cylinder head or intake manifold gasket repairs are well within the scope of repairs that we perform. We are meticulous when performing component engine reassembly to ensure proper fit and finish of the engine repair. We are proud of our work and we think you will notice the attention to detail we offer at the front counter and under the hood. 

We offer complete engine rebuild services, new engines, used engines, and factory rebuilt engines. Engine repair jobs are amongst the most technical and challenging in all of auto repair. At Carburetors & More – Engine Shop, We pride ourselves in years of engine repair experience, and we have the most skilled engine repair workers in Las Vegas. This is why our customers keep coming back - they realize that they get the best value for their money when they bring their engine repair work to Carburetors and More – Engine Shop.


* Crankshaft Grind or Repair


* Cylinder Head Repair or Resurface


* Complete Valve Jobs


* Pistons & Piston Rings


* Head Gasket Repair


* Oil Pump Repair or Replacement.


* Complete Engine Rebuild Or Engine Repairs 

Our engine repair shop is stocked with all of the tools needed for any auto repair job you might bring us. We can repair domestic engines - such as Chrysler, GMC, Chevrolet, and Ford - import engines such as Mercedes, BMW, Nissan, Toyota, and Honda. Carburetors and More is ready to repair your engine, we can complete your engine repair job in a timely and affordable manner.

Because we have had the tremendous opportunity in Las Vegas to establish ourselves as a strong local auto repair business, we have created an equally powerful team of engine repair professionals. From our engine mechanics to our computer diagnostic specialists, Carburetors and More – Engine Shop has the professional you need to have your engine repair done right. With many years of engine rebuilding experience come a variety of skills. It is this deep seated knowledge which ensures that your car or truck engine repair is completed as quickly and effectively as possible.